What is PAYG

A 360° convenient payment system

The PAYG payment system at RegCorp means 'Pay As You Go'. It is a billing method that enables our select clients to make payments as per the progress of the project. Under this system we set a milestone for project completion and the client is provided with the facility to pay accordingly. That is, instead of paying the entire amount in one or two instalments, the client is given the facility to pay the project price in small 4 to 8 instalments.

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How it works?

In order to avail the PAYG payment system, the clients have to meet some of our standards. These standards may vary from project to project. It depends on the nature of the project, its size, time taken to complete that project, its cost, etc.

First of all, provide as much and accurate information as you can about your project through our Free Estimate System.

While doing this, make sure that the information you have provided is clear and correct.

After this, the project cost will be shared with you through our one of the representatives. Once the project cost is agreed upon, we will share with you the project-development details.

You will then need to cooperate with us to verify your identity and/or that of the company.

Thereafter, payment related information will be shared with you by our representative on the project-milestone system. As the project progresses towards completion, you will need to pay accordingly.

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